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Level Luffing Floating Dock Crane by ISKAR

ISKAR has supplied a vast number of floating dock cranes around its region. This Expertise in slewing jib cranes allows us to supply cost-effective, turnkey machinery with proven mechanical systems combined with the latest automation technology.

Floating dock cranes work on floating dock walls with a narrow rail span down to 2,5 meters. In order to overcome the worst heel and trim angles of the dock, a very fine design, and stability calculation is required for this type of cranes.


Cranes of YHV series are suitable for floating dock applications. Handling of hook loads for general ship repair and maintenance works are common operation modes. Typical of the YHV type crane design is the narrow rail span length and the feature to luff the jib down to rail level during towing of the dock on open seas. Floating dock cranes are the main power of ship repair yards and therefore shall be carefully engineered to achieve its duties.

– Rope Luffing
– Screw Nut Luffing
– Rack and Pinion Luffing

F.E.M. 1.001 3rd EDITION REVISED 1998.10.01
Machinery Directive, Directive 2006/42/EC of theEuropean Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006
European Normalized Standards – EN14985 – Slewing Jib Cranes

– Jib can be luffed down to rail level
– Automatic Lubrication System
– Frequency controlled drives
– Rail Clamps
– Storm Locks
– Fire Alarm & Extinguish. Sys.
– Aviation Lights
– Fail-safe brakes
– Fail-safe limit switches
– Crane Automation System
– Overload Protection
– Data Logger
– Telecommunication Sys.
– Mono spiral Cable Reel
– Ergonomic Op. Seat & Cabin
– Air Conditioning


  1. The cabin is ergonomically designed for the operator, with customized controls and high visibility to improve efficiency and safety.
  2. Components and walkways are inside structures wherever practical to improve safety for operators even in harsh weather conditions.
  3. Real-time data about wind speed, for example, helps to ensure safe crane operation.

ISKAR also supplies floating dock crane preliminary design and calculations for new build dock projects. According to end users requirements, turnkey cranes will be delivered in due time including transport, erection, training and commissioning.