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ISKAR has its own installation and commissioning team, with great technical and practical experience. Clients, working with us, are completely guaranteed for correct reception of ordered materials, safe installation works according to OHSAS 18001 regulations.


ISKAR offers maintenance and service works to ensure the maximum availability of your handling equipment. Our professional maintenance and inspection team works with you to plan the optimal solution for your requirements and takes care that those failures and defects are avoided.

– checking of all crane types in accordance with lates regulations
– preventive maintenance condition and inspection reports
– detection and identification of existing faults and due repair

Thus cranes become equipped with a ‘full-service history’ of continuous availability and the highest levels of reliability.

A good planned maintenance and replacement work can save a port more than that you can imagine.

Without disassembling the complete machinery room and jibs, we can replace slewing bearings and increase the overall life of slewing cranes accordingly. A complete renovation of electro and mechanical systems are also proposed and provided by ISKAR.

The modern control system of the crane with frequency converters in all drives and main PLC assures energy-optimized working.

The electronically controlled working technology permits jerk-free starting and electrical braking and thus gearboxes and the steel structure are preserved. Wear of the brake lining is practically ruled out.

The component groups of the new control system are installed in a separate and air-conditioned electric container. Modern drive technology also means: new motors and upon request also new gears, resulting in more efficient working.

All made possible by the innovative drive solution in the frequency converter drive technology.

New areas of operation or the regional reduction of transport often makes a crane unprofitable. The relocation of the crane onto a site with higher handling rates may become useful and economically reasonable.

As required, our service comprises of;
– the inspection, the test of the crane equipment before decommissioning and the test on the new site;
– realization of the corresponding technical adaptations, for example, the track adaptation or the modification of the feeding system.

Our range of services in cases of relocation and erection in detail:
– static calculations for sea transports
– installation and removal of sea fastenings
– crane tests before and after transportation
– track adaptations
– modification of feeding systems
– modification of travel mechanisms
– complete offers including transportation.

Complete or partial modernization, refurbishment measures or simple repairs may be necessary – depending on the crane’s condition.

Such intelligent crane revitalizations are an economically attractive alternative. Therefore we offer tailormade solutions for all cranes brands:

– new gantry supports and modern drives
– new single or double level luffing jib systems
– a general overhaul of all electromechanical systems

Do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements. Our expert team is ready for your service. 


We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and putting into operation of many robust, reliable and state of the art, material handling equipment including special industrial cranes, slewing jib cranes, level luffing cranes, floating dock cranes, port machinery, derricks and tailor-made material handling solutions.

What can we do for your cranes?

  • Reconditioning and repair of your cranes in case of a standstill due to wear, defects or damage. Inspection of your outdated crane or if you need recommendations as to preventive maintenance to minimize standstill periods.
  • Development of new control concepts, so that your crane can be operated with as little stress as possible (to prevent the load-carrying structures from damage).
  • Provision of crane parts both within our own supply and from exterior sources in particular when’ looking for alternatives for parts which are no longer available.
  • Improved fitness for the future when adapting your crane to new requirements through the modification of technical parameters.