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Hydraulic Deck Cranes

Our STANDARD cranes cover a wide range of application areas. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC products are designed and manufactured in order achieve trouble-free performance in challenging conditions. SPECIAL cranes are tailor-made machinery, engineered to satisfy customer specific problems and reply as unique material handling solutions.

The type and details of a crane depend on customers’ requirements and can be satisfied with a wide range of options provided by ISKAR. We guarantee the same level of quality on, design, manufacturing, traceability, and safety as well as certification and 3rd party control mechanisms.


ISKAR supplies up to 1000 tm capacity slewing jib cranes which can be installed on fixed pedestal bases on floating docks, jetties, barges or any material handling bases. GPDC type Cranes are fully factory tested and delivered as a complete unit together with operator cabin, air conditioning unit, ergonomic seat, load limiting system, external lighting, audio communication system as standard. For detailed information please download our catalog and contact us for your requirements.

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Knuckle type jib cranes are very advantageous due to their compact structure which minimizes the space occupied on the platform/deck of the ships. The operation of a folding-jib system is very flexible and changeable. The hook can easily reach sea surface even the wire rope is not spooled off from the drum, which enhances the precision of material handling operation, especially for fishing boats.

These type of cranes have widely employed fishing boats, research boats, engineering vessels and subsea operation vessels. The articulated jib, also named as “knuckle jib” or “folding jib”, can be presented positioned close to the load. This maneuver minimizes the pendulum effect. Moreover, more space on deck will be available for vessels primary operations, since the parking space required for the crane is very limited.

Traveling type deck cranes are suitable for small sized floating docks or vessels where the rail span very limited. Traveling jib cranes (traveling deck cranes) can be operated from operator cabin or from wireless remote control separately. According to the customers’ requirements, ISKAR can deliver the best solution with high-quality products and state of the art technology.



One electric motor mounted vertically in the crane column drives the main variable displacement pump. The hydraulic circuit is of open loop type with load sensing feedback control. Built-in heaters in the oil tank and a separate cooling circuit is implemented to ensure cranes operation in severe climatic conditions.

Both the pressure line and return line filters include digital clogging indicators. Built-in hydraulic oil tank in crane tower together includes a fluid level low switch, temperature and pressure gauges with a digital indicator, breather, cover for cleaning, oil level sight glass together with thermometer and heaters.

Distribution of the generated fluid power is directed to consumers by using the “Crane Type” servo-proportional valve. This valve enables independent operation of systems with speed control. Hoisting, luffing and slewing movements of the crane are controlled by joysticks on operator’s console. All movements are proportionally controllable from zero to max speed.


The portal is a rigid fabricated steel structure of all welded box sections and consists of two legs, a horizontal structural member, and a vertical flanged tube collar. The portal and the slewing upper-structure are connected with each other by means of a large diameter anti-friction slewing bearing.

The slewing bearing is fastened to the portal collar and superstructure by using high strength bolts. The slewing bearing transmits all vertical, horizontal and bending forces from the slewing upper-structure to the portal. The slewing upper-structure is of fabricated welded construction (steel plates and rolled profiles) and consists essentially of a machinery house body, platforms and cabin.

The crane is provided with a box-shaped single boom jib. The jib is hinged to the upper-structure by two grease pins at the heel end. Stairs and ladders are provided in accordance with the applicable regulations. They will be provided to give proper and secure access to all machinery. Stair treads, platforms and walkways located outside will be of galvanized grating or punched steel plate. Platforms to be fitted with toe guards and suitably protected by double tier steel tubing handrails.