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Level Luffing Slewing cranes are essential machinery for shipyards and ports due to their. High productivity rates and low operating costs. They can efficiently and precisely move bulk material, general cargo and containers precisely. Due to their short loading, unloading cycle, low maintenance costs and reliability, they found place in every port and shipyard without exception.


Double jib level luffing portal crane ensures horizontal path of load throughout luffing and stable slewing at any angle. Hoisting,luffing and slewing mechanisms can be operated separately. Electronic full load,anti-wind rail clamp,anti-wind stay rope, anchorage device, under-current and under-voltage electrical devices and other various safety devices are essential.

  • Grab Duty
  • Hook Duyt
  • Regenerative

F.E.M. 1.001 3rd EDITION REVISED 1998.10.01
Machinery Directive, Directive 2006/42/EC of theEuropean Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006
European Normalized Standards – EN14985 – Slewing Jib Cranes

• Heavy duty gearboxes for hoisting appliances
• Pulleys, drums, coublings, gears and forged wheels for long life and rapid service works
• Failsafe brakes, switches and safety devices
• Excellent access to maintenance platforms
• Rack and pinion luffing mechanism
• Centralized lubrication system integrated with crane manintenace software >> lubricates during operation
• All above with certificated production quality

• AC squirrel cage motors with latest frequency control technology Dedicated for crane applications
• Hardwired load limiting safety system for hoisting
• Seperate, insulated electro room
• PLC automation system and easy to use diagnostics
• Crane operation history record
• Operator cabin having a wide view, equipped with all neccessary devices and rgonomic control seat
• Air conditioning and fire extinguishing system


ISKAR Ltd. is leading crane design and manufacturing company since 20 years, supplying state of the art cranes and material handling machinery for your specific needs.

Various cranes are manufactured, erected and renovated  in varios ports around Turkey. Level luffing slewing jib portal cranes are designed and  fabricated according to European Standards.

Theese cranes are widely used for handling bulk material, general cargo and scrap. Cranes can be adopted for hook, grab, magnet and orange peel polyp operation, as well as we can design and manufacture according to customers special needs and load cycles.