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As being an expert on basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing, assembly, start-up and after-sales service for more than 30 years, ISKAR focuses on material handling systems and related business areas. ISKAR is planning a continuous growth with local and international projects.

Business Areas

ISKAR provides consultancy to the companies and organizations who have involvement with Turkey or in deciding stage looking partners from Turkey or need market research to evaluate the use of benefit and advantage of local supply and services for projects in and out Turkey.


ISKAR’s flexible teamwork between the management, production-staff, erection experts and consultants allows to respect all demands of our customers and to deliver a product which is reasonable in price, excellent in quality and last but not least the most economical solution.

Sales, services, and manufacturing operations beyond erection processes in and out of Turkey with a particular focus on East Europe, Black Sea Area, Near-Middle-Far East, Gulf and Mediterranean Region.



Humble beginnings

Founders of ISKAR Muhendislik stepped into the area of material handling machinery design and manufacturing works under the STFA Vinc AS company. After completing a vast number of project in and out of Turkey, Mr. Taner Gunev and Sener Gunev decided to continue under a new company named ISKAR.

New headquarters

ISKAR Ltd. announces the establishment of its new headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The new office has a separate section for engineering and development team backed up with the latest hardware and software technology. The Team focuses on developing cost-effective, reliable floating dock cranes, slewing jib cranes and high capacity goliath cranes.

International projects

Until this year ISKAR successfully completes a number of design and turnkey delivery project around its region. Starting from 2012, ISKAR focuses on establishing and developing its international agent network, which in return brings new contracts. Throughout this time, ISKAR adds hydraulic deck cranes and related machinery to its equipment portfolio.

Wide coverage

As of today, ISKAR covers a wide region starting from Balkans to Caucasia, Middle East and South Asia. Throughout it agent network and successfully completed projects, ISKAR participates in international tenders, as sole manufacturer and tun-key delivering Original Equipment Manufacturer for tailor made material handling machinery projects.


Taner Günev

CEO and Founder of ISKAR Muhendislik Ltd.

Graduated from Middle East Technical University. With an engineering background more than 40 years on material handling systems design, port – shipyard and marine cranes. Worked as General Manager of STFA Vinc A/S. He is founder and major shareholder of ISKAR Mühendislik Ltd.

Şener Günev

Factory Manager and Founder of ISKAR Muhendislik Ltd.

Having 40 years experience in manufacturing, erection and management. As being the Factory Manager he is also founder and shareholder of ISKAR Mühendislik Ltd.