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ISKAR DUSTLOCK mobile hoppers are reliable and efficient mobile hoppers with mounted on rubber wheels with jacking system to be parked on special load-bearing panels. The load equalizing framework ensures structural safety, longevity and safe continuity of the unloading operation.

The extended dust shroud over hopper head dust is an extension of the hopper walls above the grid area. This creates a sheltered volume for the loading grab. The extended dust shroud protects the material against wind or external influences while it is being loaded into the hopper. It also prevents the lateral spread of dust when the product is flowing through the trash grid. Unless there are restrictive height limits, usage of a dust shroud effectively improves the dust prevention during unloading.

The DUSTLOCK mechanism is similar to a one-way non-return valve system positioned under the hoppers grid. Made from steel and flexible rubber panels the DUSTLOCK allows the product that has passed through grid to enter into the hopper, but prevents dust rising upon impact with the hopper wall to go out.

Dust extraction filters can be positioned along and underneath the hopper. These filters create a negative pressure in the hopper at a significant rate. This keeps the product and dust inside the hopper structure while removing the dust from the air being extracted. The reverse-jet filter system collects dust from the extracted air in reusable filter bags, then periodically pulses compressed air through the filters to release the collected dust and return it to the product. The rate of air extraction and the filter cleaning pulse can be adjusted to economize on power and compressed air. The revers-jet filters can be optionally set with a ‘Delta(P)’ controller.

Dustless unloading of bulk materials from ship to trucks

It is common that bulk material handling operations create dust which affects whole port and neighboring areas. Whether it is coal, grain, iron ore or chemical powders, particle sizes range from 1 um up to 50mm diameter which creates a health hazard and pollution to nature.

In order to overcome the creation and spreading of dust during unloading operations, ISKAR has engineered and developed the “Dust Lock” mobile hopper which is a mobile hopper equipped with dust suppressing loading grids, high capacity bag filters and truck loading chute for a complete dustless unloading operation from ship to shore.

  1. Flap Type dust locking pads under hopper tray
  2. Extended steel shroud over hopper head
  3. Jet Puls Bag Filters for Dust Extraction
  4. Diesel Generator set with electro-panels complete
  5. Compressed air tank and compressor
  6. Tubeless tires
  7. Steering arrangement
  8. Parking and locking arrangement
  9. Strong framework structure rigid to all loads combinations
  10. Telescopic truck loading chute

Dimensions in mm.

Hopper ModelGrab SizeHopper DimensionTotal Height
DSTL – 61 – 10 m36m x 6m12 m
DSTL – 78 – 20 m37m x 7m15 m
DSTL – 815 – 28 m38m x 8m17 m
Standard and Optional Features
6000 x 6000 Hopper dimensionStandard
Dust supressing flap type gridStandard
Bag filters for increased dust supressionStandard
Folding tray Optional
Compressed air tank and compressorStandard
Diesel generator with insulation cabin Optional
Tubeless tiresStandard
Idler bogiesStandard
Driven Bogies and steering system Optional
Telescoping truck loading unitStandard
Ladders and maintenance platformsStandard
Steel shroud panels over bunker head Optional
Towing arrangementStandard
Parking arrangementStandard
Cable reeel for power supply Optional
Separate operator cabin Optional
Area lighting Optional
Maintenance and Operation manualsStandard
On-Site trainingStandard
1 yrs sparesStandard